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US Wants To Put 100% Tariffs On $2.4 Billion French Imports


The federal agency said that its investigation found France’s Digital Services Tax to be “burdensome” for the affected U.S. companies.

It said that internet-based companies Alphabet Inc , Apple Inc , Facebook Inc , and Amazon.com Inc are particularly discriminated against by the French laws.

The USTR said that the French DST is “inconsistent with prevailing tax principles” due to its nature of “retroactivity,” its application to “revenue rather than income,” and its “purpose of penalizing particular U.S. technology companies.

The French DST enacted in July levies a 3% tax on companies earning more than $27 million (€25 million) in revenue in France and $830 million (€ 750 million) worldwide.

Reported by Benzinga

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