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Trump says US will start buying dairy, meat and produce from farmers amid supply chain disruptions


The U.S. will start rolling out a program to purchase $3 billion of dairy, meat and produce from farmers and ranchers early next week, President Donald Trump said Saturday.

As the pandemic disrupts supply chains across the country, farmers have been forced to destroy their crops, dump milk and throw out perishable items that can’t be stored. Prices and demand for agricultural products have plummeted during national lockdown and farmers have been left with an oversupply of food they can’t sell.

The president in a tweet said the $3 billion purchase is part of the “Farmers to Family Food Box,” but did not provide further details.

The president recently announced a $19 billion relief program called the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, which will provide $16 billion to farmers and ranchers and $3 billion in purchases of fresh produce, dairy products and meat for distribution at food banks. The USDA approved on Friday $1.2 billion in contracts to producers through the food box program.

Reported by CNBC

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