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Molly Yeh’s Yelp Trick to Find Restaurants She Loves

Molly Yeh’s Yelp Trick to Find Restaurants She Loves

It was 43 seconds, from my husband, Nick [Hagen]. We were at opposite ends of an antique store, and he called to tell me that I just bought him an antique grain sampling probe for his birthday.

Favorite food-related app:


My favorite restaurants tend to be on the third page with, like, three stars.

Most-recent Uber trip:

From Lodge Bread Company in Culver City [in L.A.]—to get a suitcaseful of seedy rye bread, challah and a cookie for Nick—to LAX airport. $19.68.

Most-essential travel app:

Owlet. I can check in on [my 9-month-old daughter] Bernie in the middle of the night without having to wake up Nick.

Most-surprising app you depend on:

Forest. It’s an app that rewards you with trees if you don’t use your phone for periods of time.

Your own favorite Instagram photo:

Bernie sitting on her toy hippo looking extra plump and happy.

Your most-retweeted tweet:

I think it was about challah hedgehogs.

Favorite podcast:

Unorthodox. I feel like the hosts are my very funny, very interesting and very smart best friends. I think this is a slightly healthier version of an imaginary friend.

Strangest autocorrect mishap:

When one of my books came out, my friend Lily texted me “muzzle tough,” and it was supposed to say “mazel tov.”

Most-used app:

Notepad. I keep everything in Notepad: shopping lists, to-do lists, recipe tasting notes, my blog content calendar, recipe inspiration, blog-post drafts.

Favorite shopping app:

Rent the Runway. I hate buying stylish clothes because I get dressed up so rarely that they inevitably go out of style before I can wear them again. So I rent them.

App you wish someone would invent:

Soup of the Day. On any given day, I want to know which restaurant near me is serving knoephla or chicken dumpling soup.

Funniest text message of the week:

A picture of my dad in a sheet mask, followed by a picture of Voldemort, followed by a picture of Kate McKinnon’s Shud the Mermaid. They all looked the same.

Person you Facetime most:

My dad.

Craziest place you’ve lost your phone:

A Catskills dive bar.

Favorite Instagram filter

Gingham or Juno.

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