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Headset Launches Cannabis Retailer Market Benchmarking Service

Headset Launches Cannabis Retailer Market Benchmarking Service

This week, cannabis data intelligence company Headset announced the launch of its Retailer Market Benchmarking, a market data tracking service that will help dispensaries put their retail data into the context of the market to make critical sales and inventory decisions.

This will allow dispensaries to compare their sales with the movement of the overall marketplace and make it easy to compare unit volume and average item price to determine if fluctuating revenue is due to the number of units being moved or the average prices of those units. The Market Benchmarking data is pulled from the Headset Insights platform, where it is coupled with real-time data and market projections, making it the most accurate and comprehensive market analysis tool in the industry.

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“After the tremendous success of Headset Bridge and Headset Insights, our team felt it was necessary to provide retailers and dispensaries a more comprehensive business tool to analyze sales data, consumer habits and long-term market trends,” said Cy Scott, Founder and CEO of Headset.

“Due to legal restrictions imposed on cannabis retailers, businesses are often siloed and are unable to access an expansive view of the market at large. Headset is determined to give cannabis retailers at every stage of growth the retail data intelligence tools they need to stay competitive and flourish in their individual markets.”

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