Friday, February 26, 2021
[rs_about_us_block style=”style2″ heading=”SHERAZ ALI” image=”11490″ height=”500px”]Sheraz Ali is the co-founding owner of Kenava Capital, a unique early stage private equity fund based out of North America focusing on development and seed capital. Along with real estate and development, he has spent the majority of his career in various senior sales and marketing roles before branching out in the start up field. His latest ventures consist of Stock Sharks Alerts, an educational platform and coaching service. Stock Sharks News, a media and publishing company. Kenava Research, a private research development firm and Never Benched, a social media sports gambling start up. Other future ventures include a TechHub in Eastern and Western Canada and a nationwide peer to peer/creative financing Fintech company. He is on the board of Abbi Ventures, a capital funded investment firm in Vancouver Canada focusing on early stage fund raising for various start ups.  He is on the board of Cardinal Real Estate Investment Trust in Arizona.[/rs_about_us_block]
[rs_about_us_block style=”style2″ heading=”JR ALEXANDER III” image=”11489″ height=”500px”]Jr Alexander with over 10 years experience in the financial industry. Along his partner Sheraz Ali, is the co-founder and principal investor of Kenava Capital in North America. He is the lead/head trader of Stock Sharks Alerts which includes over 500+ traders across the globe. He is a partner in Never Benched, Stock Sharks News and Kenava Research.[/rs_about_us_block]